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Welcome to Team Fortress 2 FanFictions! A group for all the Team Fortress 2 fans out there who enjoy writing. Whether your RED or BLU your stories will be appreciated here.


- TF2 Original characters are gladly accepted, but please, no cross overs.
- Please submit to the correct folders.
- Do not submit character profiles to the original characters folder.
- Refrain from submit bombing the gallery.
- Pictures are accepted ONLY if they are part of a character's profile or serve as a visual aid for a story.

- Respect other deviant's work!
- RP's are more than welcome, but keep it clean.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


TF2: Too Long
Miss Pauling walked with quick, sharp steps as she made her way into the BLU base. The hallway echoed with the sound of her violet heels as each step made contact with the surprisingly spotless floor.
She usually disliked having to leave Mann Co and venture into one of the warring bases in order to secure paperwork. She often wonders why the Administrator didn’t just summon them to Mann Co in order to sort things out instead of sending her out into the ‘war’. However, she always liked coming to see one of the mercenaries.
Miss Pauling continued on until she came to another corridor with doors lining both sides, all of which had a small worn metal plaque on them. She took no notice of them, having memorised the base layout long before and came to stop at a door towards end on the left.
Miss Pauling smoothed out the skirt of her purple dress, trying to rid it of any creases before she straightened her turquoise collar and took a deep breath and tightened her grip on the
:iconladycrystalline:LadyCrystalline 14 3
TF2-Captured, Ch. 2
      Once he calmed down a little, Soldier began to pace.  His knee was protesting, but he walked the length of the room anyway.
      "There's not way out.  The key doesn't work, and there are no windows."  No windows, not even in the door.  No entrance but the door.  No exit but the door.
      Soldier stopped pacing.  A loud, mechanical grinding noise was taking place above him, and the temperature began to drop; the air conditioner, nothing more.
      "How big is that?"
      The grate was set rather low in the wall; he'd jump in to it if he had to.  It was screwed into the wall, but any flat-ended tool could take care of that.
      Soldier retrieved the key from the lock, and began to unscrew the vent's screws. 
:iconpikalover21:Pikalover21 10 14
Knight in Red (chapter 9)
Scout let out a cry of pain as he was shot down by the BLU Sniper, body thumping to the ground before vanishing. Knight dropped to the ground to avoid being shot by that same Sniper, bullet whizzing by where his head just was. He winced as he scraped his arms on the rough gravel, forcing himself up and running for cover. Another bullet barely missed him as he threw himself into an alley.
He could see a blue dot hovering near the exit, waiting for him to step back out. He would have to find another way to get to the Intel. Stepping deeper into the alley, he noted that there was a turn in the very back. Knight stepped cautiously around the corner, sword out in case of enemies, but he found none. The alley led him into an empty street, all the lamps were out except for a sole flickering light near the end of the back. There was a what appeared to be an old bookstore near him with most of the windows intact. He moved stealthily around the corner, sheathing his sword as he attempted to snea
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 8 2
Knight in Red (chapter 8)
"Dude- it was hilarious!" Scout was fighting down his laughter as Knight flushed with embarrassment. "I can't believe you don't remember any of it!"
"I can't believe it either," replied Knight softly. As soon as he had woken up that morning, a laughing Scout informed him that the Medic had accidentally given him an extreme dosage of an energy boosting medication, which in turn made him run around like a total loon. After his initial worry about his glasses (he had been assured that they hadn't been removed), Knight became incredibly embarrassed. "This is why I don't like Doctors," he muttered, causing Scout to finally crack and crow with laughter.
A few BLU Team members looked at them oddly from behind the tall metal gate that separated the two teams. The train station was divided into RED and BLU like the rest of the area, the members of each team waiting behind their own section of the gate. It was definitely a good thing, because both teams knew that cease-fires didn't mean much. Sp
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 4 10
Knight in Red (chapter 7)
Knight and Scout returned to base together, Knight wearing Scout's hat. It was tugged down so low that no one could see his eyes, though they were shut just in case. Scout led him into the Medical bay, helping him sit on one of the Gurneys before darting off to capture the intel. Once the Announcer declared RED the winning team, he darted back outside to speak to the Engineer. He leaned against the dispenser that the Texan had so carefully put together before explaining what had happened at the BLU Base. "So, can you make him some new glasses Hardhat?"
"Of course I can son! What kinda Engineer would I be if I couldn't do somethin' that simple?" he huffed in reply. Scout nodded and darted off, kicking up a bit of dust in his wake as he left. Luckily for Knight the Engineer wasn't the nosy type and kept to himself as he finished packing up his precious Sentry.
Knight was tired, but knew sleeping was not an option. He probably had a concussion from when he had been slammed into th
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 4 15
Knight in Red (chapter 6)
Knight awoke to the sound of a bird flapping, shooting up into a sitting position as he instinctively covered his eyes. The light that came through a nearby window had managed to irritate them as he just barely opened his eyes, squinting as he looked outside. He reached out for his glasses, figuring they were on the bedside as he pushed them on. It took him a moment to realize they were cracked, and a moment longer to realize they should not have been there in the first place.
He glanced around, wiping a stray tear from his irritated eyes. He was in the medical bay, alone too if he wasn't mistaken. He jumped as the door creaked, the RED Spy waltzing inside. "Oh, you're up. Pity, I wanted to see what your face looked like chevalier," he said sighing, a thin stream of smoke coming from his mouth as he momentarily removed his cigarette.
"How did I get here?" asked Knight, immediately on high alert. If he wanted to see it, then it would have meant someone else already had, and probably tol
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 5 34
Knight in Red (chapter 5)
Knight was startled awake by a soft thinking noise coming from the hallway near his room. He reached for his sword as his eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness of his room, a soft chorus of swears drifting through the hall. When they finally stopped, muffled footsteps could be heard, fading fast. He grabbed his belt, sinching it shut as he darted quietly after the noise.
He followed it outside, regretting that he had not thought to change clothes. It got rather chilly at night in the desert, and his thin sleeping clothes did very little to keep him warm. He was dressed in one of his usual team shirts and some soft, brown pants. At least he had thought to slip into his shoes.
He could see someone racing across the desert- a Scout no doubt, considering how fast they had crossed the bridge. Knight did a double take, wondering what the hell Scout was thinking sneaking into the BLU base, before running after him. He knew he would be unable to make it across the bridge by the time that Sc
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 4 0
Knight in Red (chapter 4)
Knight was the third member out of the base as the game started, or at least he assumed he was the third as Scout was ahead of him and Spy had cloaked near the exit. He raced towards the bridge, legs pumping as he ran towards Scout. He was currently engaged in a fierce battle of baseball bats with the BLU Scout as the BLU Sniper targeted him. Scout jumped out of the way of the first shot, swearing loudly at the Sniper as he reloaded.
Knight ran towards the Snipers look out, forcing the man to rapidly change targets. His gun locked on Knight and fired, taking him out with a swift shot to the head. The teen mentally cursed as he stepped out of respawn, feeling only slightly better when the announcer informed everyone that the BLU Sniper had been killed by his Red counterpart. He looked around, pushing up his aviators as he steadily made his way back towards the bridge. He was determined to get that Spy back for earlier.
He didn't think the Blu Spy would find him first. He flew towards th
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 4 2
Knight in Red (chapter 3)
Sniper turned the corner, looking for the elusive Knight.  He had searched the showers, bedrooms, along with several other rooms in the base, but had come up empty.  He let out a small hiss of frustration as stalked outside.  He looked around carefully, and finally noticed someone in the shade of the base, sitting and leaning against a deserted part of the wall.  He raised an eyebrow as he silently stepped closer, noting the boy had fallen asleep, probably napping during the short ceasefire.
How terribly unwise.
He stepped closer, bending over to get a closer look at the sleeping boy.  He looked a bit older than the Blu scout, now that he was close enough to observe without the risk of being shot on the field.  He also had a few scars on his arms and hands, but they were all fairly small.  He vaugely wondered how he had recieved them before glancing towards the aviators.  He reached out to take them, barely
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 5 0
Knight in Red (chapter 2)
"MATCH STARTS IN THIRTY SECONDS!" declared the annoucer, voice ringing all through out the desert area.  Spy dissapeared from where he had been standing, Sniper loaded his gun and Scout downed a can of Bonk.  Everyone wanted to win this match today, and it was clear they had a shot at it.  Blu Team would no doubt be surprised by their new member and Scout couldn't wait to run in and take their intel while they were distracted (besides, distractions seemed to be the only thing Knight was good for).
Knight was drawing his short sword, steel glimmering in the bright desert sunlight as the annoucer declared the game started.  Scout rushed outside, feet flying over the desert sands.  Knight made his way to the bridge at a steady (albeit slower) speed behind him.  Both crossed the bridge within a minute or two and they were immediately under heavy fire.  
Scout rushed into the base, leaving Knight to fend for himself.
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 6 0
Knight in Red (chapter 1)
This announcement was met with groans from the Red team and cheers from the Blu team.  Red team trudged back to their base, dissapointed with their performance.  It didn't help that Soldier had been taken out right as the Blu's won.  He would probably  be waiting to lecture them when they got back, along with sharing a few choice curses about todays match.
"Man, this sucks," complained Scout, being forced to take the long way back to the Red base.  He had just crossed into Blu territory when they had captured their intel and needed to make sure he wasn't spotted as he made his way to base.  While a ceasefire was in effect, he didn't trust the Blu team and would rather not take his chances, especially not with their Pyro in such an awful mood (he had been torched twice today by that maniac!  Twice!).  He darted throught the warm desert land, fina
:iconsugarspaz14:sugarspaz14 6 0
Rain Drop: A TF2 fan fic
It was raining again, then again it always seemed to be raining at sawmill. He didn't mind the rain, but he couldn't say the same for the rest of the blu team. They seemed to think the rain was acid, especially their pyro. That little fire bug avoided the rain and most water like it was the plague. He looked up at the black storm clouds rolling in. Looks like today's battle is going to get canceled. Not two minutes after he thought this, did the administrator call out a ceasefire. He stood up stretching his legs and rolling his shoulders. Man, Im getting to old for this stuff.
He grabbed a dry rag and started drying off the end of his rifle. He always took care of his equipment; it was like a part of him. In the beginning when he first came to sawmill, he could remember a time when he didn't constantly have his rifle strapped to his back or his kukri at his side. He shook his head. He was young and foolish back then. He soon learned if you didn't have a weapon on you at a
:iconastor-reinhardt:Astor-Reinhardt 61 42
Training, Chapter 2
Talking to the Administrator was like looking into some sort of gender-bending mirror. She was beautifully terrifying and frighteningly gorgeous. In any other situation, Renaud would have flirted with her mercilessly, but she was his employer and, as it turned out, had much more power over certain things—such as how much longer he was allowed to stay breathing—than he had previously realized.
She also knew how to run a meeting with an assassin. She kept things short and sweet, saying of the rules simply: "I hope you have read the information we sent you. If you fail to comply with any of the items listed in your contract, we will be forced to terminate it." She took a moment to take a long drag from what looked, from the stack of boxes in her wastebasket, like her 58th cigarette that day before clarifying: "Violently." He smirked, pretending to be amused rather than worried about the way he had already broken their rules, already a candidate for violent termination.
:iconlouderthanthemelody:louderthanthemelody 23 20
Training, Chapter 1
His eyes flew open.
He had trained himself for years to wake up at exactly 5:17 AM, so as to allow the exact amount of time necessary for his morning routine and get him out the door by a quarter to six. Twenty-eight minutes. His eyelids were his own personal alarm clock, twitching apart at just the right moment.
The rest of his body, however, still wanted to sleep. Not wanting his eyes to drift back to the closed position, he blinked a few times and shifted his gaze—WHAT?! Within a moment, he was on his feet, fists raised and knees bent. Where was he?
Oh. Right. He straightened, feeling a bit embarrassed. He had forgotten about the new job. With his eyes scoping the unfamiliar room, he scowled. He would have to slightly alter his morning routine, as there didn't seem to be a bathroom adjoining his sleeping quarters. Sighing, he grabbed his toiletry kit and put his hand on the doorknob. Ever so slowly, he turned and pulled, being sure not to make a sound. There was a bathroo
:iconlouderthanthemelody:louderthanthemelody 39 12
Everything Left Unsaid: CH1
RED team had lost.
Not just lost, but completely and epically failed.
While all of his comrades were protecting the first capture point, Spy was left to keep watch of the second. More like: Spy was in a bad mood and all classes left him behind. So he smoked like a chimney. He hated feeling useless. For the Frenchman, it was the worst feeling on Earth. He stood playing with his butterfly knife and puffing on his cigarette at the second part of RED's "stomping ground." That was when he thought it'd be alright to let his guard down.
How sorely mistaken he was.
The minute—no, the second--he lowered those imaginary barriers, blue mist billowed around him and he was suddenly backed against a wall with a sharp metal object pressed to his jugular. "You forgot about me, didn't you?" BLU Spy emitted a cackle that sent shivers up his doppelganger's spine. "Still such a novice, so… useless." RED snarled at the last word but sucked in a sharp breath when the blade pressed closer to
:iconalexgmich:alexgmich 28 7
Gretchen: Chapter 1
Gretchen: A Team Fortress 2 Fanfic
A team of mercenaries wait at their "hidden" base, which is cleverly disguised as an abandoned mining facility. They have just received word from their employer that a new team member would be arriving today. They all were curious and eager to find out. Finally, a truck pulled up. A worker from Mann Co. stepped out of the truck and moved towards the trailer of the truck. He opened the trailer and pulled out a very large box, which strangely had air holes. The worker walked towards the Soldier and placed the box down. He pulled out a form, "Sign here please." The soldier signed the form and the worked was on his way. They all stared at the box for a while, perplexed. Where was their new team member?
The Scout poked at the box with his bat. The box moved! The men all jumped back and cocked their weapons. The Scout carefully opened the box and took a step back. Two paws popped out of the box. The men dropped their weapons in disbelief. A German Shepard p
:iconsombraluz-images:Sombraluz-Images 2 8


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